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The Indonesian Society of Thrombosis and Hemostasis (INASTH)
World Thrombosis Day 2019 Commemoration Report

To commemorate World Thrombosis Day 2019 (October 13th 2019), INASTH held two consecutive events. The first was a Public Talk show about varicose vein and retinal vein occlusion (popular as “stroke of the eye”) – problems that increasing in frequency in Indonesia. The second event was Webinar for physicians with topic Gender and Thrombosis. These events were expected to increase public and health care providers’ awareness about thrombosis as a global health problem.

1. Talk show: Varicose Vein and “Stroke of the Eye”
This public event was held precisely on World Thrombosis Day, October 13th 2019, in Car Free Day Area Sudirman, as one of the City Centre of Jakarta, Indonesia. Around 200 people who participated in this event were provided “Indonesia – World Thrombosis Day” T-shirts and each participant were given education about Thrombosis, varicose vein and stroke of the eye via iPad from committee members (candidates for Internist/Specialist in Internal Medicine, Ophthalmologist and Surgeon). All material was provided by INASTH. To gain the participants’ basic and general knowledge about thrombosis, all participants were also requested to fill in questionnaire about thrombosis.

After the education via iPad, there was a talk show with five resource persons: Andi Victor, MD, PhD and Anggun Rama Yudhanta, MD (ophthalmologists), Patrianef, MD and Febiansyah Kartadinata, MD (vascular surgeons), and Lugyanti Sukrisman, MD, PhD (haematologist-medical oncologist) who had expertise in each field. This interactive talk show shared current information and problems in varicose vein, retinal vein occlusion, and thrombosis in general as one of the common issue in community nowadays.

2. Webinar: “Gender and Thrombosis: Are We Equal?”
The Webinar was held on October 17th 2019, intended to increase physicians’ knowledge and awareness about the thrombosis risk between gender in three different medical perspectives (Cardiology, Gynaecology and Haematology). The webinar involved 10 satellite locations across Indonesia, i.e: Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung (West java), Solo, Semarang and Yogyakarta (Central Java), Malang and Blitar (East Java), Bali, Palembang (South of Sumatera), Makassar (South of Sulawesi), and could be accessed freely and simultaneously by general practitioners, residents, and specialists across Indonesia. There were 340 participants from 28 cities in Indonesia, around 220 participants were independent audiences and the rest joined in satellite location

Figure. Webinar Participation Report

The opening speech was delivered by Prof. Karmel Tambunan, MD, PhD, the former President of INASTH. The webinar was chaired by Prof. Aru W Sudoyo, MD, PhD and three speakers with different medical expertise were invited (Suko Adiarto, MD, PhD, a Cardiologist; Kanadi Sumapraja, MD, PhD, an Obstetrician-Gynecologist; and Lugyanti Sukrisman, MD, PhD, a Hematologist-Medical Oncologist). All participants who actively engaged in this webinar could interactively discuss the current and practical issue with the experts.

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